Shipping Methods

1. During the trial operation of the online system, the delivery fee is favorable.

  • Zone 0(Green): The minimum order amount for delivery is 30€; Delivery fee: 4€ for order amount 30€-50€; Free for order amount 50€.
  • Zone 1(Yellow): The minimum order amount for delivery is 40€; Delivery fee: 5€ for order amount 40€-60€; Free for order amount 60€.
  • Zone 2(Blue): The minimum order amount for delivery is 50€, delivery fee: 6€.
  • Zone 0: Please give your order at least 1 hour earlier; Zone 1: Please give your order at least 1.5 hour earlier; Zone 2: Please give your order at least 2 hour earlier.

Delivery Zone:

2. In addition to providing delivry service, we also set up the restaurant pickup point in Heidelberg and 2 timed pick-up points in Mannheim. All self-pickup services are free and there is no minimum order amount. Note: The time marked by the pickup point is the pick-up time, so all orders for pickup points need to be at least 1 hour ahead of the pick-up time.

2.1 Restaurant self-pickup point:

  • Heidelberg Wieblingen(Neckarhäuser Str. 3,69123,Heidelberg) (All Openning Hours)

2.2 Mannheim self-pickup point:

  • Self Pickup in Mannheim(Teeseele Bubble Tea N4 6, 68161) (We and Sa 15:00-)
  • Self Pickup in Mannheim(Dragon & Phoenix Asia Supermarkt: Maybachstr. 10, 68169) (We and Sa 15:30-17:00)